Got a question?

Got a question? The answer may be here. If it isn’t, you can send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

Setting up your Tree

Everything you need to know about setting up, editing and sharing your page.

Giving Gifts

All the info about making a donation and what happens afterwards.

Your Account

Having issues logging in or problems with your personal settings?


  • How do I create an account?

    Follow this link and simply fill out the form provided.

  • Help! I can’t see my tree.

    In the top right corner click the tab labelled my account/summary. You will find a link to your tree/s or alternatively a link to your giving summary.

  • How do I let my friends and family know I have planted a giving tree?

    Its simple, just share your unique Tregiv pin code with you friends and family.

  • Do I need a UK bank account to withdraw my money after my campaign?

    Yes, Tregiv will only released funds to a UK bank account.

  • How long will it take to receive my money?

    Your funds should be in your bank account within 48hours.

  • How much do you charge to plant a giving tree?

    Its totally free to plant a tree and create an account

  • How much does it costs to give a gift?

    Its free, Tregiv will not charge any money for gifts given.

  • How long can my campaign last?

    Up to 8 weeks

  • How long does the KYC process take?

    Thanks to our unique system provided by Lemonway your documents and details should be verified within minutes

  • How do I report behaviour which I feel violates Tregivs Terms and Conditions?

    Please report any such concerns by emailing the link below, please provide the pin number name and reason for reporting the individual to Tregiv.

  • What happens if the date of my event changes?

    You will need to contact us on the email address below, provide your tree ID number and give us details about when the event date has changed to, and why the event date has changed.

  • What do I do if my event is cancelled?

    You will need to contact us on the email address below, provide your tree ID number and details of why the event has been cancelled