Fundraising & Gift Giving Made Easy

TreGiv provides a way to send the perfect financial gift and make a friend's event special.


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Understanding TreGiv

TreGiv is an online platform for family and friends to gift money for your special celebrations.

Got a birthday coming up and you prefer cash to socks...About to get married and would rather receive money towards your honeymoon than a toaster or towels...A colleague at work is retiring, don’t want to shake the tin or hold the hat? Use TreGiv to collect and store financial gifts in one place...

Whatever the occasion, just TreGiv It… No coins to lose or cheques to pay in; once your event is over it's just a quick click and the funds are transferred to you.

Setting Up Sharing an Event

With TreGiv, create a virtual gift tree to send to friends and family.

Send out invites and they’ll receive a unique code that allows them to access your tree and give their gift.

Your money is kept safe, using our partner Lemonway’s payment platform and when your event is over, simply click a button and your gift pot will make its way to your bank account.

You can have a different tree for every event you create each with its own separate photo and messaging features.

How to

A Personalised Gift

Giving a financial gift can feel impersonal.

With TreGiv friends and family can send money, messages, and photographs.

Creating a growing collection of personalised memories.

Share your Tree on Social Media or via a unique code.

Just TreGiv It!